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With automation of most of the business functions, even customer communications is being automated. It has started with auto mail responses and has reached to AI Chat Bots.

Human communications becomes memorable and engaging when it has emotions attached. It is observed that the normal textual chat bots are very passive forms of communications which become too functional at a time, without generating desired results. Talking to a human on the other side has always been the most effective form of communications, but in organisations where customer interaction is multifold, having a human interaction is not always feasible.

iRealities, with our abilities to create photo realistic computer generated characters and also writing the conversational communications due to the exposure of developing successful entertainment contents, has a solution for this.

iHumanoid is a convergence of photo realistic human animation, conversational communications and Artificial intelligent technologies. It presents an intelligent digital human to represent the organisational communications. iRealities iHumanoid is indigenously designed to optimise the infrastructural resources to make it affordable and effective for medium to large scale organisations.

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