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iRealities, India’s fiercely independent digital content company is also the hungriest. Riding the evolution curve of India’s digital journey, we’ve raised many a milestone – from the first ever multimedia CD ROM to the first ever 100+ crore grossing animation film to multi-framed, easy to connect, digital platforms for farmers. Now set to break new ceilings with global benchmarks, the Indian way.

Technologists, strategists, designers, directors, writers, coders, idea makers, we are looking for passionate professionals to be part of our super talented team.

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Texturing Artist

Do you have it in you to bring something legendary to life?

Then join our Animation team!

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Storyboard Artist

We have the tale, you have the tools!

We're looking for a Storyboard artist, are you the one for us?

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3D Animator

Even superheroes need a day job.

If you’re super at what you do, then you’re the one for us.

Join our animation team!