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iAgri Solutions

Digital Solutions for Agri Economy

iRealities has been working with various agri business corporates, regulatory firms associations for over 8 years.

Leveraging our association with above entities, as well as extensive research & work done in the agri space, we craft usable and ROI driven digital strategy solution to our clientele, under our specialised division iAgri.

The iAgri business division has been set up by the iRealities to serve the requirements of the agri market by empowering farmers, equipping the agri businesses to respond with agility to the changing market needs.

iRealities Agri

Agri Business Focused Digital Platforms

iAgri helps organisations to be positioned as as agribusiness solutions that focus on farmer needs, by mapping business offering across the lifecycle of farmers. Thus opening up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

iRealities Agri
iRealities Agri

iAgri works with agri solutions providers, to better market their solutions by creating engaging digital destinations that effectively deliver the products benefits.

Agri Knowledge Dissemination & Analytics

iAgri Agri Knowledge Platform is an comprehensive and dynamic platform that processes information to usable knowledge with the use of collaborative and collective intelligence and offers its users an adaptive, interactive and self intuitive omni-channel experience. The platform is highly scalable and utilises widget based approach.

iRealities Agri
iRealities Agri

iAgri Mobility Solutions

Understanding the requirements for on-demand needs of farmers, and as a way for organisation to stay engaged with the farmer community, iAgri has developed various crop specific personalised tools in form of mobile apps, sms based services.

Are you trying to effectively use the digital medium to reach the farmers?