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A platform that will


your partner to do

efficient business

PES is an integrated system for
efficient communication & amplifier for business growth.

Just like employees, your partners (dealer and distributors) are an important part of your organization business growth goals.
They have a direct impact on the sales volume, market share, customer connect also brand repute. Establishing a strong connection with partners will have significant positive impact. Traditional, most organizations do have dealer portal to connect to their partners, but most of the times these portals have a top-down approach and are transactional in nature.

But is giving data on their commissions or pushing them leads enough, in today’s competitive world?
How do you ensure that your partners are well connected to your business goals?
Do you have any influence or control on how your partners manage and improve his own business?
How are effectively are your partners engaging with your customers?

oday, the partners are looking up to the organization to help them stay relevant and grow.
Convergence & technology, more than ever is in a position to answer this need.

irealities agent portal

The Partner Engagement System (PES), is an outcome of design thinking approach to help partners get more out of their business and ultimately the organization’s too.
On one hand, for organization the PES is a way to keep the partners engaged, motivated and well informed. On the other, for the Partner, really it’s his everyday tool which is indispensable for running his business smoothly.


With PES your partners can manage their day-to-day business efficiently.

PES empowers your partner to grow the business using persuasive mechanisms.


Using PES, your partners can enhance their customer relations to drive business growth.

Use PES communication tools, to stay connected with your partners and drive a unified brand story.


To find out how you can align your partner to your business goals, contact us today!